Online Art Classes are a Way to Get Kids involved in Art Early

Most children get introduced to art an early age in the form of paper and crayons. It’s a way of letting them explore ideas and the world around them. Once you see if they have a real interest in art taking them to the next step is to get them involved in drawing or painting.

Drawing with the kids

I recently had my Grandkids out for a day on March Break and introduced them to the world of drawing. That started by giving them a sketchbook and the drawing tools to go with it. We did some drawing together and the next step is for them draw on their own when at home. I created some art instruction videos for them to draw along with me when not around. This way they will be able to draw at their own pace and see their progress as they go. If this stage keeps their interest then looking into art classes would be the next step. If you have young children get them involved in art as soon as possible. You will open up a whole new world.

Check out the online art instruction and let your kids draw along!

online-art-instruction-with Bruce Outridge

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a professional cartoonist and caricature artist from Southern Ontario Canada. His company Bruce Outridge Productions offers services from art instruction to live caricature event service, and custom illustration. To learn more about Bruce and his work visit