Creating a Layout for your Work

When starting on anew drawing project it can be very scary looking at the piece of white paper worrying if you will screw up the first stroke. A way around this is to use a piece of tracing paper to do your initial drawing on. This way you can have the freedom to make mistakes without ruining an expensive piece of paper. Once you have your drawing the way you want it, get a piece of transfer paper (available at your local art store) and then go over your drawing and transfer it on to a good piece of paper where you can finish the inking to completion. If you make a mistake with the ink then you can reuse the original drawing on the tracing paper without having to redraw everything from scratch.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a cartoonist, instructor, and illustrator from Canada. He has created the Drawing with Bruce Series and the Pride Junkie Comic Series. His work can be seen on his websites

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