Building a Website?

So you have started your own business or maybe you are just interested in showing your artwork to the world and want your own website. These days not having a website is the same as not having a store front. In fact when I am working with clients to help them set up a business the first things I suggest they have is a website and business cards. Most people however either do their website wrong as they don’t understand how the backend of the internet works or they create the wrong or no focus for the items being displayed. It is very important that you take some time to plan your website out and make sure it is doing what you want. Also important to remember is that you will be updating your website on a regular basis so think about how that will be done in the future if you are having someone build the site for you. So what do you need?

Before you spend any money decide how serious you are about the business. If this is a part time venture, or you are just featuring your art then a free site through someone like WordPress should be sufficient. You can build it yourself or have someone help with the initial setup. WordPress is good because you can take care of the site yourself without any software, etc. If you are more serious then either have someone design a site for you or do it yourself with proper software, but this may be more of a learning curve and time commitment.

Your site focus is very important, make sure you have thought out what will go on your website, how people will get around, and what you would like to feature. Make sure the focus is on your main items and they are represented on every page through links. Once the design is done, the back end should be done to give you the best results with search engine optimization. There is a format to use for this so you may want to read or consult people who specialize in this area. Always be looking at ways to improve the site once it is up and running. Remember the site is for your clients so make sure it is fun, relevant, and user friendly.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a cartoonist, illustrator, designer from Southern Ontario Canada. His illustration business handles projects for clients from illustration to web design and more. For more information visit his website at

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