Caricature artist goes to drastic measures to cut down his line!

One of the biggest issues I had as a caricature artist in the begining was cutting down my line at events. I remember when I started doing events I wasn’t very good at it and would still be drawing when the rest of the event was packed up and leaving. At one large event I thought they were going to remove me with a forklift as they were lifting the carpet at the same time.  I have become better at closing off my line over the years, but still get caught once in a while. 

Some of the techniques I use these days include closing my line around one hour before my finish time so people aren’t waiting too long. I try to choose my last person by someone that has a bright shirt so I can keep an eye on them from my chair. It doesn’t always work but has been fairly successful over time. Every once in a while I have to go to drastic measures however and take immediate action. 

This happened at a Christmas function the other night. I had cut off the line and explained to the last person that if he could tell people he is the last person so they are not waiting around it would be greatly appreciated. It didn’t work this time however as I noticed the line kept getting longer instead of shorter. So I made a giant sign from my paper and with a paper clip attached it to the back if his nice new suit. Of course this was all done in fun and he was a good sport about it. Sometimes at gigs you just have to go to drastic measures. 

Caricature lone with man and signAbout the Artist

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