Meet The Team

Meet the Team at Bruce Outridge Productions
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Welcome to Bruce Outridge Productions. A custom illustration and design business from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Our services include custom illustration and design such as caricature services for live events, logo design, graphic design, web design, gift caricatures, art instruction, and illustration services.

The focus of our business has always been illustration with a strong focus in the transportation market. Bruce is the creator of the Pride Junkie Comic book series for kids and a popular comic book instructor within the Southern Ontario area. Bruce Outridge Productions offers both public and private lessons and always strives to uplift kids and encourage them to create their own fantastic work.

Meet Bruce Outridge

Bruce has been an artist since the age of ten and now operates the creative side of Bruce Bruce OutridgeOutridge Productions. He is the President of the company and the main face of the business. Bruce has a true entrepreneurial spirit and is involved in many different industries and projects. with over 25 years driving transport trucks across North America much of his cartoon work is included in the trucking industry. he has two podcasts one for the trucking industry and one for artists and other creatives on how to get started in business. In 2017 he launched his new television show with Cogeco’s Your TV network showcasing the youth of today in business and careers and the community partners that help them.

Bruce and Carmen both have a deep love for the Caribbean and he is currently working on projects that will include places they visit on an annual basis so stay tuned form more projects coming soon.

Bruce can be seen at many events doing live caricatures of people and vehicles. His outgoing personality makes each event a special occasion for those attending, adding professionalism and custom touches through his packages makes him in high demand.  The company is constantly breaking new ground and has now added video production. We also are moving more into the publishing world as Bruce writes and illustrates more books based upon his expertise.

Meet Carmen Outridge

Carmen is the Vice President and Chief Administrator for the business. She handles all Carmen Outridgeadministration from invoicing to emails and phone. When you email Bruce Outridge Productions you will likely be dealing with Carmen and she can help you with the project details. Carmen also operates Outridge Translation Services and you can learn more about her on her website at

Bruce and Carmen have been married for over 16 years and have been operating the business together for the last ten years.

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