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What’s first, watercolour or pen and ink?

If I am doing a painting using watercolour and pen & ink in a class setting many times I am asked what I paint first. The answer often depends on where and … Continue reading What’s first, watercolour or pen and ink?

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Creating a story

Have you tried to create a comic story but weren’t sure exactly where to start? The best place for me is in point form. Pull out a piece of paper … Continue reading Creating a story


Creating a Reference Library

Have you ever tried to draw something, but couldn’t find a good picture? Then two weeks later a good picture showed up in the paper. Most artists keep what they … Continue reading Creating a Reference Library

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Backgrounds for Comic Books

Did you know that backgrounds art very important to the design of a comic book? It helps to set the time, place, and date of the book. How do you … Continue reading Backgrounds for Comic Books

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Figuring out art books

Have you ever bought an art book and once you got it home couldn’t figure out how to work with the steps? That happens to many students who enter my … Continue reading Figuring out art books