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Story Creation for Comic Books

Alright so you have decided to create your own comic book, but aren’t sure how to get started. Well there are a couple of ways to get going on the … Continue reading Story Creation for Comic Books

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5 Steps to creating your own comic book

Are you trying to create your own comic book and are wondering where to start? Many times a comic book can be very hard to think about because we try … Continue reading 5 Steps to creating your own comic book

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Creating a story

Have you tried to create a comic story but weren’t sure exactly where to start? The best place for me is in point form. Pull out a piece of paper … Continue reading Creating a story

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What is a caricature?

A caricature is an exaggeration of a person or item that holds a likeness to the object or individual. Most caricatures are of people, but I personally caricature vehicles as well … Continue reading What is a caricature?

Creating Gifts from Your Art

Tis the season for gift giving. For those of you that are artists you may want tor try a cool way to push your art and also get all gifts … Continue reading Creating Gifts from Your Art

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Selecting an ink pen

Have you ever tried an ink pen and found it to be a very messy experience? Part of the problem is not knowing how to use it and the other … Continue reading Selecting an ink pen


Pushing Your Art

Have you wondered what is the best way to improve your art. I have trouble improving when I just draw with no real purpose. If you’re the same as me then … Continue reading Pushing Your Art


Computer Programs

Are you starting to use computers more for your art, but aren’t sure which ones you should use? I use the Adobe Suite CS4 and I remember when I started … Continue reading Computer Programs

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Selecting Paper

Did you know the type of paper you use can determine the outcome of your art? Many young students focus on price instead of finding paper that works well with … Continue reading Selecting Paper

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Knowing what your drawing.

Have you ever been drawing background characters, or other items that won’t really be seen, but add to your artwork, but have trouble or give up trying to really draw … Continue reading Knowing what your drawing.